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Feb 03, 2022
Cash-Out loans can help you improve your overall cash flow and help improve credit score all at the same time.
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Jan 03, 2022
The Cost of Waiting is sometimes more expensive than the refinance transaction itself!
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Jun 14, 2018

Investment properties can be very lucrative if you have sufficient capital, credit score, and time management skills.  Real estate is a huge wealth builder.   However, there are many strategies that should be considered when co...

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Jun 05, 2018

Mortgage Hurdles

The most common conversation that I have with clients involves - what does it take to be qualified for a mortgage? With the many types of mortgage products that exists and even more types of personal situations ther...
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Apr 16, 2018

Compete with Cash Offers

You have to out-bid or out smart cash buyers! Having a strategy early in the process is critical to success. As a "financed buyer" in a sellers market, you can take some added steps to make your offer s...
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